Fred Meyer

This TV spot is part of an umbrella campaign that I created for iconic Pacific Northwest retailer, Fred Meyer. Freddy’s is a chain of superstores founded in 1922 that combines groceries, apparel, home decor, electronics, fuel, jewelry, home improvement, garden, sporting goods, and tons more in one stop. With over 130 locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, they are well-known in the areas they serve and a respected competitor of Walmart, Costco, and the like.

They were looking for a fresh, new creative theme to drive their TV, radio, and Pandora spots moving forward. Their goals were to: 1) drive home the message of one-stop shopping, 2) encourage customers to cross-shop through every department of the store, 3) connect with their customers on an emotional level, and 4) build off their legacy brand.

My solution was a campaign called “What Will You Find?”

Fred Meyer’s messaging for the past 30 years has been “What’s on your list today? You’ll find it at Fred Meyer,” which has been hammered home through a longstanding jingle. However, this messaging began to feel stagnant, boring, and traditional and was begging for a refresh. With a vast and diverse target of women 25-54, I chose to build off the “you’ll find it at Fred Meyer” language, but with a subtle twist.

Playing with their existing brand language, I landed upon a new line: “What Will You Find?” The thought was that customers go to Fred Meyer for what they need (food, cleaning supplies, paint, etc), but may not be aware of all of the other amazing merchandise that Fred Meyer has to offer. By showcasing their more unique and colorful items, we created an invitation for customers to explore the store and discover things they weren’t expecting to see at Fred Meyer.

The video featured is the TV spot that launched the campaign, which was quickly followed up with a Fresh & Local food spot following the same theme. The “What Will You Find?” idea will also be carried through in Fred Meyer’s upcoming spots for Back To School, Garden Center, and many more. The theme is also being used in their radio and Pandora advertising, as well as in-store announcements promoting specific departments and products.

Just roll the clip to see the final result….



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