Holding court with my #1 inspiration for wearing harem pants to grade school, MC Hammer.

In the words of my father, I was born at an early age.

From there on out, I moved from NY to an island in Puget Sound where I spent the remainder of my childhood. High school diploma in hand, I then fled to Los Angeles to seek my fortune. Attending Obama’s alma mater, Occidental College, I ran the college radio station with my fellow music nerds and escaped campus as often as humanly possible (even resorting to hitch hiking).

Once I shaped up and bought a car, I cracked that oyster called Los Angeles wide open and landed a job working for a Marketing and Advertising firm called Big Fish. After 3 years working with some of the world’s most beloved entertainment brands (with token cosmetics, energy and insurance clients thrown in for good measure), I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. So I packed my ink and quiver and migrated back to the Pacific Northwest, where I began working as brand builder and copywriter for clients like Kroger, Redfin, butter LONDON, Evite, and Jockey.

Recent clients have included: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nike, AAA, Discogs, the Portland Japanese Garden, and many others.

If you’re a company looking to inject some creativity and good juju into your brand, throw me in the ring! Be my partner on the path to creative glory and the fates will reward you handsomely. And by fates, I mean my smiling face, cunning wit and tireless fingers.

Bonus: I have a really cool dog named Ozzy. See below.

Imagine a cheesy 80s beach scene reflected in his sunglasses and you get the idea.